• Kanuchi — a soup I wish I knew about much sooner than I did. Serious Eats’ recipe is a good jumping-off point. It was developed with guidance from Chef Taylor Barton, an indigenous foods activist in Oklahoma, who said:

    Cooking takes a long time. That’s how you pass history down.

  • Tacu-tacu with melted queso Oaxaca and an extra swirl of Yellowbird Habanero (we are out of ají amarillo). I missed the fried egg, but it was still delicious.

  • I brought home five pounds of Kandil Sinap apples nearly a month ago. Today, I ate the last one. The nearby orchard’s trees didn’t bear many this year. Only they know if I’ll ever taste this wonderful heirloom cultivar again.

  • Down the hatch, Becherovka.

  • Commiserating with a colleague over the cancellation of an annual lutefisk dinner…have I reached peak Upper Midwestern?

  • One man’s solution to the problem of sharing socially-distanced birthday cake.

    Thanks, Shanty Town!

  • I’ve cut back on beer over the last couple years, but Fair State Brewing Cooperative remains my favorite Minnesota microbrewery.

    [W]ith a Farmer-Labor party
    We could set the workers free

    Fair State Brewing becomes country’s first unionized microbrewery | Star Tribune

  • The orchard 15 minutes from our house grows a small quantity of heirloom Kandil Sinap, my favorite eating apple. They grafted a few trees in recent years, but only one older tree produced this year. They set aside five pounds for me — possibly my last taste of this crisp jewel.

  • I can’t vouch for the authenticity of this Bún Thịt Nướng recipe, but it was delicious. I used soba noodles & Serrano peppers instead of rice vermicelli & Thai bird chiles, since that’s what we had on hand. I wish we’d had some nem nướng, too!

  • When you make carrot soup, but use a mix of yellow, white, & cosmic purple carrots, with a just a couple orange ones for balance.

    Chilled Minty Carrot Soup With Dukkah Yogurt | Serious Eats

  • Maritza Rocha-Alvarez’s Summer Lover.

  • Melissa Yard’s Smoke and Mirrors mezcal cocktail.

  • Mojito variation, substituting Roku gin for rum, basil for mint, & lemon juice for lime juice.

  • Grilled flank steak with a chipotle-pomegranate-sumac-raspberry reduction, with grilled Aleppo peppered cabbage.

  • Supper, courtesy of our favorite deli: schnitzel, German potato salad, and pickled beets. The cucumber is an heirloom variety from our garden. Mahlzeit!

  • Solidarity is flavor!

    Doing our part to help our local food carts stay afloat might not be the easy on the waistline, but doing the right thing never tasted so good.

  • Poulet au Vinaigre.

  • Homemade brown mustard is one of the simplest, most satisfying things you can do to make sandwiches, rubs, salads, & mustard-centric sauces more your own. It keeps (practically) forever in your fridge & its flavor evolves over that span.

  • Norman Van Aken’s Chilean country ribs.

  • Socially distanced drinks with friends.

  • When dear friends can’t have you over for supper, so they bring supper over for you.

  • Being a muggy 80°F in the house, it was a bit too hot for this Fair & Warmer. But it is a delicious cocktail.

  • Grilled chicken paillards marinated in maple syrup & sambal oelek, with grilled ramps, & mashed sweet potatoes. Recipe courtesy Marika Suval & Wisconsin Public Radio.

  • Keema matar & picadillo are, if not culinary cousins, then kindred spirits. I wonder if Indo-Cuban fusion cuisine is a thing…

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