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  • Marvin Miller & Ted Simmons finally are headed to Cooperstown, which they both deserve, but Lou Whitaker continues to endure a profound, undeserved dismissal of his elite career, and that’s a shame.

  • This Christmas tree stowaway survived the journey across the fields of the Christmas tree farm, through the tree baler, and fifteen miles of highway driving undetected. It’s not alive, sadly, but it feels like it still managed to give us our first gift of the season.

  • Altamont Free Concert

    Fifty years ago today, a free music festival at Altamont Speedway turned bloody when Hells Angels, ostensibly present as concert security, murdered Meredith Hunter, a young Black man attending the concert with his white girlfriend. Some claim it marked the end of “the Sixties.” Maybe — absent only a direct connection to Vietnam — it simply channeled & revealed the decade’s undercurrent that was invisible behind rose-colored glasses.

  • While Brolsma’s video created (and remains) one of the great viral web moments, I suspect my reaction wasn’t a common one among American viewers. You see, my reaction wasn’t amusement, but a flood of viscerally-felt memory: “Holy shit, I know that song!”

    Nu Mă Iei | schuth.xyz

  • Nu Mă Iei | schuth.xyz

  • An Email Drama

    * opens late-afternoon email from CFO *

    * reads *

    ”…we have some exciting things to share with you.”

    * glances at calendar *

    ”…implementing a single cloud-based Human Resource System (HRS) and Shared Financial System (SFS)…”

    * trash *

  • “We always wanted the hero of the ad to eat the pizza,” Helbing said.

    Gorbachev held firm. “‘As the ex-leader, I just would not,’” Helbing recalled Gorbachev saying.

    Mikhail Gorbachev’s Pizza Hut Thanksgiving Miracle | Foreign Policy

  • Thing I didn’t know that I wish I still didn’t: organic corn dogs taste like old, freezer-burned fried fish.

  • Portico & aperture.

  • Years of training have prepared me for this moment: researching potential options for my daughter’s first accordion.

  • Carol of the Homeowner

    Sing with me now:

    ‘Tis the season for
    appliance failures!

  • Two weeks ago I told my wife & brother-in-law about Unshackled!, which drifted through dense AM static every Sunday night growing up. Old-Time Radio production style & a narrative structure that was something like The Whistler + a sermon. Guess what her OTR feed surfaced…

  • Using Drafts to track the enemy’s sub in Captain Sonar. Thanks, @agiletortoise!

  • Radio Operator (CWO) in Captain Sonar at the Twenty-Fifth Annual.

  • Azul at the Twenty-Fifth Annual.

  • You started without me? You cut the turkey without me?

    Every Thanksgiving I think of this scene from one of my favorite movies a half-dozen times.

  • Alice Waters on Wendell Berry’s “The Pleasures of Eating”:

    This essay is a warning, but it is also a reminder of the joy that comes when you live in tune with the natural world.

    The Pleasures of Eating | Emergence

  • Напиток победы.

  • 29 Palms


    22:00:00 5000 21:20.7


  • One of these is not like the others.

  • Albert L. Ireland


    20:54:00 5000 24:42.0


  • Roberto Clemente


    21:25:00 5000 24:17.7
    21:53:00 1000 05:04.9


  • Colonialism, Street Names, & History

    To say that street names are a physical marker of history is to invite two critiques. The first is that this is all much ado about nothing; that street names don’t really matter. The second is that any calls to change these names is to “erase history”, an erasure which – to those who argue this point – is as bad as the acts the signs commemorate. Perhaps we should consider the evidence.

    An excellent contemplation of the meaning of the names we give our streets.

    Why the name of your street is a sign of the times – and what to do about it | The Correspondent

  • Last night I slept in fits & starts. Every time I woke, I reached down my side and found the comforting, familiar shape of a curled feline body up against mine. He’s not usually there, and he’s not here tonight. I think that’s his way of indicating my prognosis.

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