• Why do the expectations that we carry, for ourselves and for others, matter? Because they act as a sieve for culturally appropriate feelings, the emotional component of claims to dignity.

    The Social Meanings of Dignity at Work | The Hedgehog Review

  • Therapeutic ribeye. Apply as needed.

  • Love Ras Terms’ style. It’ll be a shame to lose this two-storey artwork inside the inevitable Contemporary Bland brick & glass mixed-use apartment building that will swallow it.

  • Someone left her meow-ccasins out.

  • Apple should fix the abysmal quality of its Customer Support hold music. Why can’t I listen to music or podcasts on my iPhone, rather than being forced to endure mediocre, mall-friendly pop compressed within a few bits of registering as music rather than dial-up modem static?

  • Serving under a number of different superiors in the Marines taught me this lesson:

    Leadership ceases to have meaning when one equates possession of a title with possession of a trait.

    I continue to reflect on this periodically.

  • Dexter Filkins — a war correspondent meriting comparison to Bernard Fall, Martha Gellhorn, & Neil Sheehan — examines Samantha Powers’ “responsibility to protect” ideology & the pitfalls of benevolent aggression.

    The Moral Logic of Humanitiarian Intervention | New Yorker

  • Highlight of the day:

    My daughter getting the boogie wiggles in her chair while listening to “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream” during supper.

  • Is it evening reading time yet?

  • Autumn’s fleeting beauties.

  • We have a 3rd-gen Apple TV, so I’m hoping for a release of a 5th-gen product today. I’ve grown more curious about Apple Watch, but I’m not convinced another piece of unupdatable hardware with a rare-earth metal battery belongs in my life, even with Apple’s recycling efforts.

  • As my grandmother would say, the angels up there are bowling pretty well tonight. Mostly strikes, and the rest spares.

  • Put this on your hi-fi after supper some evening. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Be still, my brick-loving heart.

  • Perhaps Ronnie Boykins’ The Will Come, Is Now would not be the choice of most folks for background music while proofreading, but it’s working great for me this morning.

  • Classical music is cruel not because there are winners and losers, first chairs and second chairs, but because it lies about the fact that these winners and losers are chosen long before the first moment a young child picks up an instrument.

    Strike with the Band | The Baffler

  • Pictured: Mango smoothie with agave nectar, lime juice, coconut water, Ron Zacapa 23, & red chili flake.

    Not pictured: Buttermilk & sour cream Belgian waffles with ginger syrup, plus hickory-smoked thick-cut bacon.

    More jangle than John Fogerty’s Rickenbacker.

  • I haven’t had the chance to grill in a month, so it felt great to get off the schneid with pork chops marinated in soy sauce, rice vinegar, & brown sugar, accompanied by a salad of torn herbs, nectarines, & Serrano peppers tossed with rice vinegar.

  • Four hours researching a 45-year old curricular loophole in the archives yesterday yielded a chance discovery: an interdisciplinary major — American Institutions — I didn’t know once existed. Had I been an undergrad in the mid 1960s–early 1980s, I would’ve been very interested.

  • When the lights go down in the City…

  • The collective noun for grackles is apparently a “plague,” owing to the destruction they can bring to field crops. It seems overboard to call twenty-one around a bird feeder a full-blown plague; so, since they were pretty expressive, I’m calling this a crackle of grackles.

  • Labor Day weekend tradition.

  • Celosia in bloom.

  • What I took away from Schulz is that life is hard. People are difficult at best, unfathomable at worst. Justice is a foreign tongue. Happiness can vaporize in the thin gap between a third and fourth panel…

    The Paradox of Peanuts | The Atlantic

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