• For modern-minded Minnesota baseball fans, Joe Mauer was ours. He arrived just as we gained the ability to follow baseball with new friends we had never met, who lived far away from the territory reached by the 50,000 watts of WCCO that then still carried Herb’s Carneal’s voice.

  • Joe Mauer Day | Driftless Meditations

  • 2019 isn’t half-over yet, but I just scheduled meetings up through the end of the Spring 2020 semester. Whee!

  • Every year, a volunteer poppy (seems these could be called “Tommies” or “doughboys”) appears in a different spot in our garden. It’s always fun to see where one will appear.

  • Rainy afternoon window.

  • I’m probably not the first to say this, but Peter Sagal’s was perhaps the last voice I expected to hear hosting HBO’s Chernobyl Podcast.

  • Chicken thighs, marinated in ginger beer, fresh ginger, garlic, & rice vinegar, then grilled with radishes, which will be dressed in a miso ginger vinaigrette.

  • Scene: Living room, in front of our big travel map.

    Kiddo: When I was a little baby, I lived in Canada.

    (N.B. She has not yet visited Canada.)

    Me: Oh? Where did you live? Montreal? (shakes head) Vancouver? (nods)

    Kiddo: Yup. I was a little baby, and I lived in a coffee shop.

  • Laotian, Vietnamese, Thai, and…German? First biergarten supper of the year.

  • Lunch: pork belly in mantou, with a Thai iced tea.

  • The food cart & outdoor lunch scene here is sufficiently strong for me to run across nine folks who ride the same bus as me, plus five colleagues & the chancellor, in under an hour.

  • Baby could you please come back and bring the light

    And free me from the lonely nights.


  • I’m not disappointed they missed on Craig Kimbrel, but the Twins need to do something to fix this bullpen.

  • Spending my evening’s leisure reading time perusing NTSB reports on air disasters that occurred thirty years ago, as you do.

  • Trim.

  • Rob Manfred reads draft selections with all the charisma of a clerk calling the next number at the DMV.

  • Who would’ve thought the AppleTV & HomePod got multi-user support before the iPad?

  • My 3rd-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro has been my favorite computer since my first Mac, the SE FDHD/SuperDrive. With the arrival of iPadOS, it looks like this iPad is poised to become my favorite computer ever.

  • Apple’s position on user privacy:

    You’re a human with rights, not a host with resources.

  • All the adjectives Craig Federighi is using to describe iOS Dark Mode clearly indicate Apple (like many iOS developers) views Dark Mode as merely a cosmetic skin, rather than a long-overdue accessibility feature.

  • Who would’ve thought the AppleTV gets multi-user support before the iPad?

  • Today might be the most fun news day of the entire summer: first Apple’s WWDC Keynote at noon, followed by the first few rounds of the MLB Amateur Draft this evening. Hoping for great news from both events!

  • Christening the new fire pit.

  • Brewing up a double batch of ginger beer. Looking forward to glasses of hard-biting Snake Serum, luscious Jungle Bird, and spicy Pimm’s Cup in the future.

  • It’s obsolete the moment each entry is finalized, but there’s still something to be said for a physical copy of one of these. This edition was published in 1975; my colleagues & I still occasionally reference it. I wish we also had a full set of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.

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