• Complicit & Constipated | Driftless Meditations

  • As soon as the President finishes his press conference,  
         black wings carry off the words,  
    bits of flesh still clinging to them.

    — Robert Bly, “The Teeth Mother Naked At Last” (1970)

  • A peaceful demonstration on the isthmus earlier today has been hijacked tonight by opportunistic provocateurs feeding on others’ grief, pain, & frustration. We have a long night ahead of us, and a tough morning to follow.

  • Personal landmarks & the news

    I don’t know why this didn’t register with me until last night, as I watched the reports coming out of Minneapolis:

    Cup Foods, the market where MPD officers killed George Floyd, was four blocks from my last Minneapolis address. I went into Cup regularly for cigarettes, drinks, & Middle Eastern snacks twenty years ago. I lived just south of E 42nd, the border between Bancroft & Northrop.

    That was almost twenty years ago now, but that realization made this cut even deeper. George Floyd’s killing didn’t happen in the state I still think of as “home” — it happened in my old neighborhood.

  • I don’t have a comprehensive mental list of fellow Minnesotans on Micro.blog. Being a Minnesota expat, I’d appreciate in-state folks’ suggestions for effective, meaningful ways to express my solidarity with people in Minneapolis working for police accountability & reform.

  • Being a muggy 80°F in the house, it was a bit too hot for this Fair & Warmer. But it is a delicious cocktail.

  • Our county’s safer-at-home order expired today, and with it, my “Sheltering in Place” series. (The governor’s order was terminated by an idiotic state Supreme Court decision decided by the vote of a lame duck political appointee.) We plan to stay safe at home as long as possible.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 63.

  • Grilled chicken paillards marinated in maple syrup & sambal oelek, with grilled ramps, & mashed sweet potatoes. Recipe courtesy Marika Suval & Wisconsin Public Radio.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 62.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 61.

  • Garden favorites.

  • Responsibilities, Rights, & COVID-19

    I wonder what our country would be like if people were as deeply committed to honoring their social responsibilities as they are strident in proclaiming their personal rights.

  • Keema matar & picadillo are, if not culinary cousins, then kindred spirits. I wonder if Indo-Cuban fusion cuisine is a thing…

  • Sheltering in place, Day 60.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 59.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 58.

  • “Bu’s Delight” is absolute dynamite.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 57.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 56.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 55.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 54.

  • Anticipation.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 53.

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