• Sheltering in place, Day 6.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 5.

  • Screenshot of an COVID-19 emergency alert

    Receiving this emergency alert from our county public health agency was unsettling.

  • Sheltering in Place, Day 4.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 3.

  • Screenshot of iOS notification from Apple TV+ about Oprah's COVID-19 specials

    Let me get this straight:

    The person who has repeatedly trumpeted quacks & pseudoscience — and who handed her national media megaphone to the anti-vaccination nuts — is the person Apple wants people to listen to talk about any aspect of COVID-19?

  • Sheltering in place, Day 2.

  • Sheltering in place, Day 1.

  • Keep the home fires burning.

  • It has seemed inevitable for some time, but now the time has come: our governor has just announced he has issued shelter-in-place orders, effective tomorrow. The grace period is to allow folks to prepare.

  • I realized recently that my daughter is just a few months younger than her (still-living) great-grandmother was at the start of the Great Depression.

    I don’t know what lies ahead of us, but this jarring realization applied two new lenses to how I am perceiving current events.

  • I can’t decide if my Polish great-grandmother would laugh at my poor pierogi technique, or be shocked that I spiced the potato filling with garam masala, then tossed them in sambal oelek, melted butter, & curry powder after frying. Topped the second helping with skyr, too.

  • Sandwich of sliced homemade meatloaf on homemade bread.

    Homemade meatloaf on homemade bread. How much more comforting can food get?

  • Time to start asking the real questions.

  • In these days of mandatory telecommuting, getting an email from HR saying (essentially) I don’t take enough time off sure feels weird.

  • When I was a kid, this toy was kept at my grandparents’ house. Playing with it one day, I pointed to the figurines on board & announced to my dad & Grams, “They’re afraid of the hostages.” Dad said Grams gave him a very sharp look.

    Be mindful of your little pitchers.

  • Baba Sissoko Trio’s Bolokan helped me focus today.

  • This morning I signed up to vote absentee for the first time since 2004. (The deadline is midnight tonight.)

    I wish the states that held primaries yesterday had acted responsibly, postponed them in the public interest, & mailed absentee ballots to every registered voter.

  • My dad told me something important in the months before he died. Awake at night as he struggled with chemo & Stage IV cancer, he prayed.

    Not for himself.

    He prayed for people who were, at that moment, scared, lonely, hungry, sick.

    Aṣ-ṣalātu khayrun mina n-nawm, indeed.

  • Hawk on a fallen tree, eating its fresh kill.

    Out for a walk in the conservancy, we saw this hawk swoop in to catch its meal. We crept closer, not wanting to disturb it, so our daughter could see nature at work.

  • Given the unprecedented (inter)national public health emergency, are major news outlets lowering their paywalls to provide access to reliable journalism? Doing so would both civic-minded and could help encourage subscription adoption after we are collectively out of the woods.

  • On distancing, pandemic, & solidarity:

    The coronavirus isn’t the only contagion – kindness, hope and charity are spreading too.

    Don’t forget: disasters and crises bring out the best in people | The Correspondent

  • Our chancellor directed implementation of a work-from-home policy this evening, effective for the next three weeks at least. Thank goodness for the VPN, work-issued laptop1, and Remote Desktop for the things that can’t be done from home.

    1. Even if it is a 2018 MacBook Pro. [return]
  • This is as close as they get to cuddling.

  • If there’s one positive thing I can point to, right now, about my readiness for the next few weeks, it’s that I have the tsundoku equivalent of Joseph’s silos.

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