• Dehumanization & Exploitation: the Humans-as-Batteries Metaphor

    Lynn Berger more closely scrutinizes one of the dominant messages of our era: when humans are conditioned to think of themselves as batteries that must continually recharge in order to compete in the economy & society, who does that mentality actually serve? What opportunities for self-cultivation or collective advancement do we foreclose by accepting that conditioning?

    If our views on mental energy and sustainable energy are so similar, why not take this parallel one step further and ensure that our efforts to live more energetic lives also serve a higher, more collective goal? As individuals, we have a limited shelf life, but the society to which we devote our energy will be around for much longer.

    The current narrative, which dictates that individuals are responsible for recharging themselves to resist being drained by our capitalist, technological society, prevents us from finding alternative strategies for dealing with our pervasive sense of exhaustion.

    How we turned into batteries (and the economy forces us to recharge) | The Correspondent

  • …Bobbie works on a needlepoint project sewing the names of Bill’s favorite songs into squares of cloth cut from his old plaid shirts while Bill lounges in the DJ’s chair, introducing the audience to “Weave Room Blues[.]”

    Local treasures.

    Country Love Song | Isthmus

  • Calendar: Your one year performance review is tomorrow!

    Me: Ты взойдёшь, моя заря…

  • Scenes from a snow globe.

  • Earlier today.

  • Alboran Trio’s Near Gale has been a delightful surprise this evening.

  • SyRI combines all kinds of data sources and dumps them into an algorithm. Then suspects roll out who are scrutinised because they’re supposedly more likely to commit fraud.

    An algorithm was taken to court – and it lost | The Correspondent

  • Keep it coming, Winter.

  • I didn’t know I needed Pierre de Bethmann’s Shifters in my life today, which heightened both the joy of discovering it & the effect it had on my mood. Love the orange Hornet on the cover.

  • Apple Retail Catch-22

    Is anyone even remotely impressed with the state of Apple Retail these days?

    A month ago I purchased an item via Apple’s discount program for folks in my former line of work. I elected for in-store pick-up since the store is only a couple miles from my office. I just rode the bus over to pick up the item; it has been on back order, but the invoice I received via email on Friday indicated it would finally be in today.

    The Apple Retail people tell me my item’s in the store — somewhere — but they can’t see it in their system because it was delivered today & hasn’t been scanned in yet. Apparently the scan-in process takes at least an hour, plus up to another hour to update their system. I can’t come back later, so I’ll have to wait nearby & work remotely. (Thank goodness for VPNs.)

    BUT!, I could just cancel my original order, purchase a floor model (also finally back in stock today & sitting right on the table where I was being “helped”!) and walk out — but then I can’t get the discount on my original online purchase.

  • Good morning, Moon.

  • Beautiful snowstorm today. The snowfall has alternated between fast-dropping large, clumpy flakes & lighter, steady, static-mimicking whiteout. When I was out earlier, I heard a cardinal singing through the muffled air as the big flakes fell.

  • Her uncle is reading her Brian Floca’s wonderful Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11. She looks up & says:

    “I don’t want to go to outer space because I’m still a little kid.”

  • Sleeping it off.

  • I’m too old to eat mediocre pizza.

  • Looking for a word to fit an implication, I added morosoph to my vocabulary today. Unfortunately, I’m still not sure if the inciting implication was “patsy” or “formalist.”

  • Dealing with some serious Tom Bihndecision. I need to replace my everyday bag (a Co-Pilot) but for some reason can’t get myself excited enough to get the Pilot. I’m not a backpack guy, otherwise I’d be all over the Synapse.

  • Frederick Douglass:

    If there is no struggle there is no progress. … This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.

  • Dissonance 4tet: My satisfaction with Apple’s first party iOS Music app is measured by the number of third-party alternatives on my phone.

  • Forgetting my watch at home today made me realize how much I refer to it every day. I’ve been wearing a Timex T20041 Easy Reader (rec’d by James Fallows) on a NATO strap for years. Lately I’ve been considering an upgrade: a Seiko automatic or a smartwatch. I’m leaning Seiko.

  • Waves of crud come with the beginning of the spring semester. My daughter had influenza, an ear infection, & now has another fever. My wife had a cold last week; this weekend it’s my turn. Hoping Roy Choi’s ramen will restore some hydration & open my sinuses.

  • If you like Hammond B3 jazz, 海野俊輔 Mirage is fantastic. If you don’t, I can’t help you.

  • Январь

    за месяц

    S: 14x
    D: 112km (69.59 mi)
    T: 8:53:47
    R: 32.2
    I: 3.50

    в течение года

    S: 14x
    D: 112km (69.59 mi)
    T: 8:53:47
    R: 32.2
    I: 3.50

  • Her: I wish I was as fast as the Roadrunner.
    Me: If you were the Roadrunner, little girl, who would be the Coyote?
    Her: You, Apu!

  • I wish the iOS App Store displayed three pieces of data for installed apps:

    • date of initial installation
    • date last launched
    • date of last version

    I get that offloading feature mitigates the storage issue, but I’d like to know which apps have reached their expiration date.

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