• Wayward Leviathans:

    The corporate economy began as a public program for state and national economic development, with corporations tied to public purposes. Neoliberal ideology has put this into reverse. It has transformed the corporation into an inequality machine…


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    Kel Assouf’s Black Tenere & M’dou Moctar’s Blue Stage Session have been in heavy rotation the past couple of weeks. If you enjoy desert blues, give these albums a spin.

  • Sometimes silent resignation is the best option.

  • In a clash of hyper-talented, expectant multi-millionaires against rent-seeking, collusionist billionaires, I side with athletes over owners. At the same time, I wonder at the priorities of a society that pays entertainers so richly and persistent backstops of society so poorly.

  • It’s well past my bedtime on a work night, but I’m up late rejoicing because I live in an era in which hobos have high definition cameras & YouTube channels.

  • Meritocracy is the most self-congratulatory of distribution principles. Its ideological alchemy transmutes property into praise, material inequality into personal superiority.

    A belief in meritocracy is not only false: it’s bad for you | Aeon

  • Both my grandfathers were born today. Gramps is still with us, sharing his indelible laugh with his great-granddaughter. Papa’s been gone thirty years this summer, but thanks to 78s & mp3s, him singing in German with his dance band was the first music my daughter ever heard.

  • Saturday afternoon, mid-March: looking for final garden items in the Seed Savers catalog, this week’s Isthmus featuring candidates’ answers to questions from the League of Women Voters on deck, Spring Training baseball on in the background. All I need is an Arnold Palmer…

  • I’ve long enjoyed Brad Leone’s It’s Alive! videos for Bon Appetit, even as the emphasis on preparation of “living” food as diminished over time. His visit to a pottery studio in Austin is a great example of his self-deprecating humor & genuine rapport, which buoy the series.

  • Boeing wanted to replace the 737. The plan had even earned the endorsement of its now-retired chief executive. “We’re gonna do a new airplane,” Jim McNerney said[.] … History went in a different direction.

    The world pulls the Andon Cord on the 737 Max | The Air Current

  • Descent.

  • Editors: If you’ve developed or adjusted a bespoke style guide used by your publication or institution, what resources have you found helpful? I’m well familiar with the Chicago Manual and Struck & White. I’m wondering about how to synthesize these.

  • Earlier today I reflected on the anniversary of my last post to Instagram, what owning my own photos means to me, & what I miss due to quitting Instagram:

    A Year Without Instagram | Driftless Meditations

    Thanks to @manton & @cheesemaker for creating the tools I use.

  • This morning’s reading: academic polices that went into effect the same month I was born, yet remain current today. These in turn reference degree requirements already in place before Lyndon Johnson was elected President in his own right.

  • A Year Without Instagram | Driftless Meditations

  • So it goes. They have been dying in my mind every day for the last 14 years. I suspect they will do so until I’ve exhausted my own days on this earth. This is my moment trapped in amber.

    Kevin Powers reflects on “The ‘Moral Clarity’ of ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’ at 50” | NYT

  • If I’m writing a book I tend to secrecy, but when I’m translating one I’ll rope in anyone useful. My plumber provided diagrams when I was working on a short story about a piece of jewellery lost in an S-bend.

    Between worlds: in praise of the literary translator | Prospect

  • My favorite coffee shop, after nine years, has finally started offering patrons wi-fi. It was the best place in town for engrossing, impromptu conversations with well-read regulars. I really hope the place doesn’t become less communal as the coffee-nursing laptop brigade invades.

  • My tiny butterfly butters my bread.
    My briny flutterby keeps me well-fed.
    Why should I mutter?

    Moondog - Moondog Monologue

    I wish someone had brought Moondog & Robert Lax into a room, then recorded their interaction.

  • The world has 12 years to prevent catastrophic climate change. What will it take for Wisconsin to stop burning coal?

    This article’s cancer metaphor is apt. Our climate cancer has metastasized. The question now is, will it be terminal?

    Killer coal | Isthmus

  • Assumptions about what exists and what is fundamental exert a powerful influence on our lives. Indeed, the less aware we are of our metaphysical assumptions, the more we are subject to them.

    Which is more fundamental: processes or things? | Aeon

  • There are only two problems with the work ethic today: Work doesn’t reliably deliver the social, moral, and spiritual goods it promises, and artificial intelligence is about to render the work ethic moot.

    When Work and Meaning Part Ways | The Hedgehog Review

  • Having spent the past three years with a 27” iMac at work, I’m now in the position of wondering how anyone gets anything done on these mail slot-esque 13” MacBook Pro screens. As for the MBP’s keyboard, the Smart Keyboard Folio for the iPad Pro is far superior.

  • Underutilized smartphone marketing strategy for Gen X parents: Remember how boring waiting in Urgent Care was in the 1980s?

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