• “Once we hit that saturation point where the first tier has all gotten their vaccines, the narrative will shift to blame. It’ll be ‘Why haven’t you taken care of this yet?’”

    How Inequity Gets Built Into America’s Vaccination System | ProPublica

  • My brother surprised me with these two guys, the voices of Twins baseball in my childhood. Herb was the play-by-play man on WCCO 830 AM from 1962–2007. Bob was the ballpark public address announcer from 1961–2005. Spring training games are here, but I still miss Herb & Bob.

  • The full-circle irony of all this is that coyotes and bobcats are annihilating prey, which themselves are wildlife killers.


    • Urban wildlife ecology is fascinating.
    • Keep your housepets inside.

    The Cats and Dogs Who Eat Cats and Dogs | Terrain

  • “[Tubman] is a woman who spent her life destroying slavery[.] It’s a reminder about the relationship between history, capitalism and capital in this country. If we put her on the [$20] bill uncritically, that’s a grave disservice to her legacy.”

    Fitting the Bill | L&S News

  • Nearly six decades later, no one has been brought to justice for executing Lewis, thought to be the last elected official murdered in Chicago. Officially, the case is still open, but Ben Lewis has faded from public memory.

    The Murder Chicago Didn’t Want to Solve | ProPublica

  • Meaning, Purpose, and the Mirage of Human Progress

    This really hit home:

    My need for meaning and purpose, and my desire to be part of something bigger than myself, were likely motivators for joining the military. People assume that it’s the bad experiences soldiers have endured that make it difficult to adjust to life after the military. While this is sometimes true, very often it’s the absence of what soldiers valued that makes the transition difficult – the loss of meaning, sense of purpose and belonging. Those who sign up for service are likely more hard-wired than most to seek these things, making the loss all the keener. Under Gray’s influence, I recognise the difficulty of this loss and have found solace in his advice about how one can aspire to move past these innate human needs. I am not yet living in a way that Gray would approve of, hope for progress is more intoxicating than the dry lessons of history, but I am more selective in my choice of distractions today, and aspire one day to just be able to sit still in a room and live in that scented moment, before it’s gone.

    Reading John Gray in war | Aeon

  • The Nation: A Tale of Two Bookcases

    How is it possible that two bookshelves, all but identical in appearance and construction, can exemplify both left-wing critical design and the world’s most successful capitalist furniture-manufacturing strategy?

    The Communist Designer, the Fascist Furniture Dealer, and the Politics of Design | The Nation

  • [Frederick Douglass] never said never. Agonizing as it must have been, with so many faith-shaking signs around him, he stood by his words to the end.

    Frederick Douglass and the American Project | Hedgehog Review

  • I have been informed it’s supper time.

  • I’ve been my little girl’s dad for five years now. Nothing could have prepared me for how awesome she is, or how much I would relish sharing her new experiences, ideas, interests, and journey.

  • Ramping up production is especially challenging for Pfizer and Moderna, whose vaccines use an mRNA technology that’s never been mass-produced before.

    Why We Can’t Make Vaccine Doses Any Faster | ProPublica

  • I’m looking forward to sharing Perseverance’s landing with my daughter tonight. She’s turning into quite the space buff — and NASA’s space program is getting exciting again at just the right time in her life.

  • All About Jazz’s webmaster displays a solid sense of humor.

  • Computers can’t grasp the most lucid haiku. Nor can they pen the clumsiest fairytale. Computers cannot read or write literature at all. And they never, never will.

    I can prove it to you.

    Why Computers Will Never Write Good Novels | Nautilus

  • While listening to my favorite baseball podcast, I certainly didn’t expect to hear a Jet Propulsion Laboratory Systems Engineer mention NASA’s meetings about not accidentally sending COVID-19 to Mars aboard the Mars 2020 spacecraft.

  • Możdżer’s Polska has been on rotation for the last several nights, another reminder that I need to spend more time going through ACT’s catalogue.

  • And will our media overlords engage in any self-reflection about the monsters they manufactured?

    These moguls built the authoritarian grifter just evicted from the White House with a prime time hustle.

    The Lincoln Project and Andrew Cuomo Are Media-Created Monsters | Jacobin

  • While other states also saw a decline in union membership over the last decade, Wisconsin’s 5.5 percent drop was especially steep compared to its Midwest neighbors.

    A 38.73% overall membership decline.

    A Decade After Act 10, It’s A Different World For Wisconsin Unions | WPR

  • Her: Apu, ask me a question.
    Me: Do you like that orange shirt you’re wearing?
    Her: Yes. Apu, ask me a different question.
    Me: What question?
    Her: Ask me how your beard grows.
    Me: How does my beard grow?
    Her: I don’t know!

  • With highs in the single digits, my work-from-home attire now includes a sherpa-lined, zippered hooded sweatshirt; a cotton watch cap; and a merino wool buff around my neck. A merino wool toque & liner gloves — hopefully with enough dexterity for typing — arrive on Friday.

  • Maps showing the historical range of grizzlies color virtually the entire Pacific coast of North America but leave Vancouver Island oddly blank. And yet, in the spring of 2020, at least seven grizzlies were spotted roaming the island’s east coast.

    Where Now Grizzly Bear? | Hakai

  • If no one expects to be told the truth, lies no longer have much operative power – but neither does the truth. The two are indistinguishable and nothing can be counted on.

    Imagine a workplace where you could actually tell the truth | Psyche

  • Oh, hello.

  • The tragedy is not that Internet posters have played an elaborate and costly game of gotcha on Wall Street. It’s that the everyday business of Wall Street does that to the rest of us.

    The Lessons of GameStop | Hedgehog Review

  • Can we classify Bengali kathi rolls and Maharashtrian frankie rolls as burritos? That seems a disservice to Indian cuisine. But then again, I’ve been known to roll up refried beans inside chapati, so who am I to say?

    13 Burrito Styles Everyone Should Know | Serious Eats

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