• At this exact moment in 1969, the crew of Apollo 11 are listening to an instrumental version of “Fly Me to the Moon.”

  • It’s not every day that I see an example of the car that brought newborn me home from the hospital.

    For reference, it’s parked — not in a driveway — but on a slab of standard-width American sidewalk.

  • Everybody — Amstrong, Aldrin, & Collins — in Apollo 11’s Command Module was running in place right now fifty years ago, asking Houston their heart rates are transmitting to the medics’ monitor. Goldstone picks up a video transmission from the cabin.

  • Listen to the entirety of the Apollo 11 mission streamed in real time, as we approach Evoloterra’s celebration of the Moon Landing fifty years ago. Whoever is behind this wins major public history points.

  • Alright, baseball, you win: one more refresh of MLB Trade Rumors before bed.

  • Introducing Yiayia & Thea R. to our favorite dumpling restaurant. I think we have enough pork belly, but you can never really be sure.

  • Lakeside lunchtime walk.

  • Our daughter has been Canada-curious for several months. With friends soon to move there, it seemed like a good time to get a new placemap & continue encouraging that curiosity. Who knows, we might have a future geographer — or future Canadian — on our hands.

  • Дура.

  • Mahalo to my friend Derek, who hosted occasional loco moco nights for his fellow grad students at his apartment, spread his Big Island aloha, & cemented bonds beyond scholarship with rice, brown gravy, onions, burgers, fried eggs, soy, ketchup, & hot sauce.

  • Supper for a kiddo.

  • Does anybody believe anything HR says, much less trust their judgment, when they’ve hired not just one, but two multinational consulting firms to restructure titles, salary structure, & compensation?

  • At least the cherries are good right now.

  • Al-Anbar, Iraq, fifteen years ago:

    “You know what my favorite country is, Schoop-a-loop?”

    “What, Sergeant Lee?”

    “Man, Yurr-up.”

    Earlier today:

  • Talking to children about hospitals & loved ones’ illnesses is something you never feel like you’ve done well. Without being too specific, folks, let’s just say tonight was — mentally & emotionally — a very difficult stretch of parenting. My best doesn’t feel good enough.

  • Perceptive? — Perspective?

  • Confirm thy soul in self-control,
    thy liberty in law!

  • Tower of Babel. (Literally — the language departments are housed here.) I’m much more fond of it than I should be, given its architecture.

  • My favorite blowhard.

  • “A Honeywell Chronotherm! Oh, wow, these were the Cadillac thermostats of their day.”

    — Our new HVAC guy.

  • My new hobby: learning more about the current state of air conditioning technology and HVAC corporate reputations than I ever wanted to know. Then again, at least in 2019 I’m not totally along for a ride in the dark.

  • Went to supper at my in-laws’, came back to discover we probably need a new air conditioner.

  • Brought some fresh-squeezed margaritas to my in-laws’ for hot summer evening enjoyment.

  • What a frustrating stretch for the Twins. The entire starting All-Star-worthy outfield is banged up, they’ve played a 17- and 18-inning game in the last ten days, & their bats have cooled off. They can’t catch a break or manufacture their own luck right now.

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