• Nowhere in this piece will you read anything like “Brutalist buildings are functional, humane architecture” for those who must live & work inside them.

    Brutalist buildings aren’t unlovable. You’re looking at them wrong. | Washington Post

  • How did such an ambitious project by one of America’s most innovative architects turn into a punch line?

    And to think the University could have had a building designed by Taliesin Associated Architects instead…

    How the Humanities Building Went Wrong | On Wisconsin

  • My office in UW’s (In)Humanities building was, by far, the worse I’ve ever occupied — including the Vietnam-era pole shed housing cryptographic gear where I nonetheless had to beware of after-hours incursions by gangs of trash-diving raccoons.

    Beyond Mosse | Sift & Winnow

  • Perceptive? — Perspective?

  • Tower of Babel. (Literally — the language departments are housed here.) I’m much more fond of it than I should be, given its architecture.

  • The Observatory was built on the edge of town, in the middle of a vineyard & orchard. Today, it’s in the middle of the city, surrounded by the rest of the university. Two of my colleagues have offices there; I’m a bit envious of their digs.

  • Trim.

  • Smells & bells.

  • First visit of the spring to one of my favorite spots in the city.

  • Contrasts.

  • Hello, 1954.

  • Descent.

  • This morning’s view.

  • Looking out at what is probably my last snowstorm through this window in my office. The building on the left is the oldest on campus, once home to John Muir. Just beyond Muir Woods (background right) you can see the top of Carillon Tower. I’m really going to miss this view.

  • Facade.

  • Seeing so many farewell photos of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, I’m feeling a twinge. I’ve never lived in Seattle and fully understand its need for replacement. Still, it was such a major landmark in my mind that even driving on the lower deck during my first visit was photo-worthy.

  • Unassigned group project.

  • Cold Abe.

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