• I can’t choose a favorite between Lax & Szymborska, but no one could write this as she did:

    Beyond the reach
    of our presence.

    In the paradise lost
    of probability.

    Somewhere else.
    Somewhere else.
    How these little words ring.

    — Wisława Szymborska, “The Railroad Station”

  • Apt night reading:

    This is the use of memory:
    For liberation - not less of love but expanding
    Of love beyond desire, and so liberation
    From the future as well as the past.

    — T.S. Eliot, “Little Gidding”

  • [Blake] understands that it is not the physical eye that enables what we see, but the mind’s eye: the retina, optic nerve and brain are the servants, not masters, of perception.

    America’s looming dystopia is, in part, a failure of imagination.

    The four-fold imagination | Aeon

  • As soon as the President finishes his press conference,  
         black wings carry off the words,  
    bits of flesh still clinging to them.

    — Robert Bly, “The Teeth Mother Naked At Last” (1970)

  • Is it evening reading time yet?

  • To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
    One clover, and a bee.
    And revery.
    The revery alone will do,
    If bees are few.

    — Dickinson

  • Poetry marks occasion, speaking the language of heart & imagination.

    Sometimes Even Newspapers Need Poetry | The Atlantic

    About “Voyage to the Moon,” the poem the The New York Times commissioned from Archibald MacLeish for its 21 July 1969 front page.

  • Poems for a Federal Holiday

  • Come, in my labor find a resting place
    And in my sorrows lay your head,
    Or rather take my life and blood
    And buy yourself a better bed—
    Or take my breath and take my death
    And buy yourself a better rest.

    Thomas Merton, “For My Brother Reported Missing in Action, 1943”

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