• For whatever reason, I was unaware my institution had free (but limited) access to Kanopy. Fortunately, I can use this to see whether a Criterion Channel subscription would be justifiable. Unfortunately, our license doesn’t include my favorite films in Criterion’s collection.

  • Tonight’s film: Chaplin’s Sunnyside (1919). Fairly charming, but not consistently great. I chuckled at the father & son heading to church. Wonder if my great-grandparents saw it on a date.

  • Up late — past my bedtime — reacquainting myself with Tirez sur le pianiste (Shoot the Piano Player), a François Truffaut film starring the late Charles Aznavour. Some late nights are worth it.

  • Excluding gifts for others, I haven’t bought a DVD in years — or a Blu-ray ever. Maybe it’s time I start thinking of streaming services’ subscription fees as the price I pay to not have to store a bunch of little plastic discs in my house (and then get rid of those I still have).

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