ProPublica looked at 68 cases of video-documented police brutality since George Floyd’s death in May. Among the cases where no officer has been identified or criminal charges filed:

  • A Houston mounted police officer uses a horse to trample a woman from behind.
  • Louisville police repeatedly shoot a reporter & camera crew with pepper bullets.
  • Austin police shoot a minor in the head with a beanbag round.
  • Unidentified police in Minneapolis open fire on a woman standing on her porch.
  • Minneapolis police pepper spray a reporter displaying his credentials as he lies prone.
  • New York police attempt to run over protestors with their SUVs.
  • Two Salt Lake City cops in riot gear shove an elderly man with a cane to the ground from behind.
  • Indianapolis police use excessive force to restrain a woman, then shoot her with pepper bullets & beat her with batons.
  • Los Angeles police run over protestors with an SUV, attempt to run over several more, then flee the scene.
  • Sacramento police place a man in a choke hold, then continue to apply it as he attempts to “tap out.”
  • A U.S. Park Police officer strikes two journalists with a riot shield and then throws punches.
  • Plainclothes San Diego police refuse to identify themselves while arresting a woman, then threaten to shoot anyone who follows them.

We Are Tracking What Happens to Police After They Use Force on Protestors | ProPublica