The Postal Service is owned by all the people of the United States, not capitalist entrepreneurs. The collective “we” rely on the Postal Service for vital supplies, medicines, ecommerce packages, pension checks, financial transactions, voter information, ballots and a vast exchange of personal correspondence as well as the sharing of ideas and information. Privatization of public postal services would end the democratic right of the people to these universal services, no matter who we are or where we live, at uniform and reasonable rates.

This opinion piece by the president of the American Postal Workers Union & a APWU rep gets to the heart of where Post Office defenders should be pressing. Its low-cost shipping infrastructure for medicine alone — think of all the elderly Trump supporters reliant on Medicare-approved medicine-by-mail — is a vital service. The APWU should recruit Wilford Brimley to cut a commercial excoriating the Postmaster General and the resident of the White House, and run it during daytime broadcasts, where it would squarely target fixed-income, aging Boomer, Silent, & Greatest Generation voters.

The Post Office Belongs to the Public. Let’s not Give it to Wall Street. | In These Times