My wife, daughter, & I came a step or two away from being run over this morning.

Twice a day, we cross a semi-busy street with an uncontrolled intersection. This morning, a city bus in the lane on our side of the street stopped to let us cross; the driver turned on the flashers. A car behind the bus whipped around into the oncoming lane to pass the bus. The driver of the bus noticed & laid on the horn, but it would have been too late had we not already been proceeding cautiously. We would have been run over in the crosswalk by an accelerating car.

The car had the name of a business on it. I already looked up the business. It’s small, with a nine person staff. The business’ website prominently features a picture of all nine of them in front of their cars; one matches the car that almost hit us. My wife & I have a composite description of the driver that matches one of the employee headshots on the website.

I have already called Metro Transit to pass along thanks to the bus driver. The person I spoke to said the bus has a dash cam; they will review the footage. I hope the driver is commended, with my thanks noted in their personnel record, and I hope Metro uses the footage to train other drivers about situational awareness.

As for the driver of the other vehicle, I’m pondering the best thing to do in this situation. Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday. Today, she — and possibly one or both of her parents — could be seriously injured or dead.