Lynn Berger more closely scrutinizes one of the dominant messages of our era: when humans are conditioned to think of themselves as batteries that must continually recharge in order to compete in the economy & society, who does that mentality actually serve? What opportunities for self-cultivation or collective advancement do we foreclose by accepting that conditioning?

If our views on mental energy and sustainable energy are so similar, why not take this parallel one step further and ensure that our efforts to live more energetic lives also serve a higher, more collective goal? As individuals, we have a limited shelf life, but the society to which we devote our energy will be around for much longer.

The current narrative, which dictates that individuals are responsible for recharging themselves to resist being drained by our capitalist, technological society, prevents us from finding alternative strategies for dealing with our pervasive sense of exhaustion.

How we turned into batteries (and the economy forces us to recharge) | The Correspondent