Is anyone even remotely impressed with the state of Apple Retail these days?

A month ago I purchased an item via Apple’s discount program for folks in my former line of work. I elected for in-store pick-up since the store is only a couple miles from my office. I just rode the bus over to pick up the item; it has been on back order, but the invoice I received via email on Friday indicated it would finally be in today.

The Apple Retail people tell me my item’s in the store — somewhere — but they can’t see it in their system because it was delivered today & hasn’t been scanned in yet. Apparently the scan-in process takes at least an hour, plus up to another hour to update their system. I can’t come back later, so I’ll have to wait nearby & work remotely. (Thank goodness for VPNs.)

BUT!, I could just cancel my original order, purchase a floor model (also finally back in stock today & sitting right on the table where I was being “helped”!) and walk out — but then I can’t get the discount on my original online purchase.