Two years ago today I made my first post to my microblog. I’m very impressed with how’s feature set, shaped by @manton’s emphasis on deliberative development & sustainable growth, has expanded over time. I have some wishes for the platform’s future, but right now is the appropriate time to communicate my gratitude for a place:

  • sheltered from the cacophony of the big social media platforms,
  • that doesn’t set traps to manipulate & monopolize my eyes & my mind,
  • that recognizes my ownership of my creative endeavors & discourse, and
  • where the health of the community is central to the agenda.

Thank you, Manton & @macgenie, for tending to & its users with such care. Thank you, @cheesemaker, for your development efforts, especially in your partnership on Sunlit. Thank you, friends reading this, for your gifts of companionship, dialogue, & warmth these last two years.